Update Lagu Kpop Terbaru Desember - Januari 2012


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Chart Billboard Kpop top 50 desember 2011

Kumpulan List lagu korea Kpop terbaru terpopuler desember 2011 - Januari 2012.

Top 50 Lagu Korea Terbaru Terpopuler 2011 - 2012

1: Cry Cry, T-ara
2: Be My Baby, Wonder Girls
3: People In Seoul, Busker Busker
4: The Western SKy, ULALA SESSION
5: All I Can Say is, I Want To Die, Huh Gak
6: I Miss You, Noel
7: Replay, Kim Dong Ryul
8: The Boys, Girls' Generation
9: Girl, Dynamic Duo
10: Friends, Lee Seung Gi
11: Era Of Love, Lee Seung Gi
12: A Man and A Woman, 4Men & Mi
13: Makgeolli-Na, Busker machsa Busker
14: I Believe, Busker Busker
15: Love Is Move, Secret
16: Immediate Love, Sung Si-Kyung
17: Ma Boy 2, Electro Boyz (Feat. Hyorin)
18: Cleansing Cream, Brown Eyed Girls
19: Tokyo Girl, Busker Busker
20: You Would Never Know, J-Cera
21: G.N.O, Wonder Girls
22: Swing Baby, ULALA SESSION
23: Dreaming, Beast
24: You are Different, Busker Busker
25: You Don't Have To Say Anything, Kim Bum Soo lagu korea terbaru tergaptek.com
26: Romantico, Two Months
27: Oh My Gosh, Seo In Young
28: Tomorrow, Tablo (Feat. SOL)
29: It Hurts, Baek Ji Young
30: The Way We Live, Kim Dong Ryul